Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Favorite Halloween Decoration!

They are cheap -

They are tons of fun to fill -
(didn't have enough leaves yet!)

and -

They look so great on the front lawn!!

Black hands and all.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our "Real" Pumpkin Patch

Remember when I said that the 4th of July was my favorite Holiday? Totally lied. Got a new one. (for now)

The car ride home from our annual pumpkin patch adventure was full of many variations of, "That was SO much fun!!" - from all six of us! I really, really love being at a "real" pumpkin patch, where the pumpkins are on real vines. Because of this there are old rotted pumpkins, not yet ripe pumpkins, and pumpkin "guts" everywhere. A few years ago, my first thoughts were, "Ew, this is gross and messy and unorganized!" Soon I realized it was because every other "pumpkin patch" I have ever gone to was perfectly man-made! :) I must be a country girl - cause now I love this!

While waiting for the sun to be in the perfect picture taking position - sigh... (............we love you Chip - yes, it was worth it!), Jackson could be found shooting the weird green gourd, I mean, M-16 machine gun.

me and my mini me

For 45 minutes, we were lost in a 3 1/2 mile long corn maze! We all took turns choosing which way to turn - it was really fun! Although the two mile corn maze would have been great too, or the one mile..... :)

Which way should we go first?!?!?

But then again, I'm glad it took a long time cause we would have missed the sunset...

Happy Halloween Time!

beautiful autumn

There's no denying that this is my favorite season! Whether I am running errands,

or walking the kids to school......
I am in awe of the colors that create the beauty around me. I am trying to really take it all in, because too soon, these trees will be empty.

Monday, October 20, 2008

One Year Ago From This Very Moment...

I was overwhelmed with pride and love and admiration for this extraordinary man......


One year ago today, he crossed the Finish Line of an incredible bikeride that lasted 48 days. He endured many ups and downs while touching countless lives along the way. I can't believe the strength and passion of this man I am so very blessed to call my husband.


He still continues to inspire me everyday.
I will always try to be a little more like him.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chip's Birthday Evening

Chip and I have always loved having birthdays just 3 days apart. The whole week of our birthdays you might hear us sing/yell....
(one of us starts) "You say it's your birthday!" (da na na na)
(the other responds) "It's my birthday too!" (da na na na na na na)

We usually go out on our favorite date around the weekend of our birthdays - dinner and a movie (actually, movie and dinner so we can talk about the movie over dinner) :) This year he threw me a party instead, and since that was actually on my birthday, we wanted to make his day special too. So even though the "birthday couch" is just for the kids, they all wanted to make Dad one cause his birthday was too "normal." They surprised him when he got home from work.

And he got some pretty cool gifts!
Framed artwork...

a BSU shirt.....

and a special framed picture.

Happy Birthday to a dad and husband who is second to none - We love you a thousand years ago! (an Aubreyism we'll never forget!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Perfect Day

I happen to have one of the coolest husbands around...

He made my 35th birthday one to remember for sure. It was full of wonderful surprises!

First, he took me where we both love to hang out.... downtown Boise. Waiting there for us were some of our favorite people - the Millingtons. We went to the Farmer's Market and thoroughly enjoyed the sights and smells of Fall . Then, we went to Boise's famous "Goldie's" - the best breakfast in town. It was delightful - the company, the food, everything.

This is waiting to get in the elevator from the parking deck - I just love Boise.

Walking down Mainstreet with this view as far as I could see had me smiling ear to ear!

When we came home, the kids were so excited to give me a gift they had been spending lots of time on the week prior. I had no idea what it could be, but knew it had to be special since it was such a secret!

Chip had taken the kids to a craft store and bought a canvas for each of them to decorate. They designed their own square in a way that reminded them of me. Taylor made a music staff complete with notes and all. Aubrey had colored several little things that I love (including an M&M!). Hannah drew a cute picture with flowers and the sun, and Jack drew a picture of our family. As I opened them one by one, I realized it was also becoming a wonderful image of the American Flag! What a thoughtful, wonderful, creative, perfect gift!

Chip traditionally gives me a Halloween decoration on my birthday - I love that!

As if that wasn't enough.... Chip took me out to dinner once again downtown, this time to enjoy the nightlife. Waiting there at PF Changs, was more of our favorite people - the Sutherlands! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. They "suddenly" had to go though - they said they needed to pick up their kids kinda early. I didn't think anything of it then, but on the way home when Chip called them to ask if we could borrow a movie, I got a little suspicious. I had no idea that Chip had been planning a surprise party at the Sutherlands! When we walked in, eight couples were standing there, and as I stood in shock, they all yelled, "Surprise" - I was so happy to see so many good friends there. What a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by so many great people! We played pictionary and had an awesome boxing tournament on the Wii.

Rachel is knocking out Damon here with her famous left hook.

I wish we took more pictures, it was such a fun, wonderful, perfect day!

Our kiddos were perfectly happy having a blast at the Makaafi's - they offered to have them all overnight! The next morning, Chip and I went over there for another perfect day spent with them and watching conference, and enjoying each other's company, and Fo'ou's famous barbecue goodness!

I think that was the greatest weekend EVER!

I really do have a fantastic husband, the neatest kids, and some really wonderful friends. I feel extrememly blessed. Thank you all so much!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Seriously? In October?

Hannah thought it was pretty cool ....
just not worth getting her shoes on for.

I just welcomed Fall... sigh.....

Sure is fun to see the kids so excited though...

and watching snow fall is SO beautiful...

It's just that we haven't watched all the leaves fall yet!!

I mean..... seriously?

Time to get the hats and gloves down...

even though I just put away the shorts....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aaaahhhh, the FALL!!

It's my most favorite time to decorate our home! I love Halloween/Fall decorations. I love the feeling it brings, I LOVE this time of year. October 1st, they all come out - the pumpkins, the leaves, the witches, the black cats, the ghosts....... Then come Thanksgiving decorations - then Christmas. It isn't until the week after Christmas that our home returns to how it looks 9 months of the year. This is so much fun!

Happy Fall,
Happy Halloween,
Happy October!