Friday, May 7, 2010

A Very Special Day

A long time ago, two proud mommies, and two proud daddies held their sweet babies on their special blessing day.

Eight years later, the moms and dads were just as proud on their special baptism day.

(But the babies are the only ones that look older of course)

In trying to get the kids to recreate the goose bump giving musical number, Aubrey's personality came right out...

It was a wonderful day. What a blessing to have Gramma and Morgan there! Jack and Eden will always have a special bond sharing these important days in their lives.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Disgusting yet Delicious!

Cub Scouts has definitely been the highlight of 2010 for Jack for sure! For the Blue and Gold pack meeting, all the boys were asked to bake and decorate a cake. Jack was SO excited! We wandered the grocery store trying to come up with ideas... we thought of making a football field, or a flight deck, or a checker board. He threw out several fun ideas, but once he saw the gummy worms, it was all over! And what a relief for mom.... quite easy as a bonus! So with a bit of food coloring, crushed ores and worms, he created what he thought was the perfect cake for a bunch of boys!

Apparently, it was quite delicious too!