Monday, March 30, 2009

Taylor's 14th Birthday Couch

Actually... this is her 12th. I came up with the idea when she was turning three. The birthday couch fairy really looks forward to birthday couch creating...

A new teacher at church paid Taylor a visit - she's simply the best.

And a sweet friend made a clover cake for her.

A day of fun surprises and her favorite things.

I guess it doesn't matter that I don't feel ready to have a 14 year old - I mean nobody asked me how I felt about it first!

Thank goodness she is delightful. We love her to peices.

Let the Season Begin...

Do ya think Jack was excited for his first baseball practice?
This was a dead give away.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's Go To the Hop! (and the Monster Truck Jam)

What a great weekend we had!
Friday night:
I don't think Chip and I would have gone to the Stake 50's Dance just because. But I wanted to support our good friend who put the whole thing together. And what do ya know, we had SO MUCH FUN!! We had a blast with friends, and Chip even won the costume contest for the guys!
It was hilarious.


Chip and Jackson never miss the Monster Jam!! Jackson wanted so much for me to "experience" this event - I tried to talk them into it being a special boys day together, but it was pretty important to them that I go along....

Thank goodness for earplugs.

It WAS fun - and pretty exciting! But I think this is one of those "if you've seen it once...." type of things for me. The announcer's voice is still ringing in my head - he made me laugh the whole time. The whole rest of the day, Chip and I couldn't help but talk like him...
(Imagine a low, deep, loud, growling voice)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day at Camel's Back

We have lived here for four and a half years and had never been to Camel's Back Park here in Boise. But I think in the last month, we have been there three times!! This is where we went on their most recent day off of school.
First, we climbed the famous (or infamous, however you look at it!) hill.

Aubrey was first!

Hiking down the trails on the other side is my favorite part!

Off to the playground - we had never seen one of these - it was really bouncy and fun!

The big open field there is perfect for frisbee, playing fetch with the dog, soccer, etc. All Jackson wanted to do was play soccer with his sisters. After rolling their eyes and dragging their feet - I got the girls out there. Guess who had the best time ever?

Then..... it happened. Check out the next picture - see Taylor's left knee? Take a look at where it's headed.

Right. where. it. counts.

Yeah. That pretty much ended our day at Camel's Back.