Friday, April 23, 2010

January 2010

Well, if you ask me... January looked pretty much like this......

I was recovering from major surgery that I had December 29th.

I was very well taken care of, that's for sure!! Chip was amazing, and the kids were too! The girls even came home from school on their lunch break to make my lunch and do whatever I needed!

I'm glad they still got out and did some neat things!

Some of their January adventures were:

Tubing with the Makaafi's,

(I love this picture of Beth laughing)

Teaching Gunner new tricks....

The re-dedication of the Capitol Building...

Cub Scouts!!

The Fiesta Bowl ...

(Jack's genuine reaction to an awesome play in a tense moment)

and the highlight of January..... drum roll please.........

We were so very happy that Gramma finally felt well enough to come meet her newest grand daughter, Eleni, and to visit. What a great January!

Friday, April 16, 2010

ChRiStMaS dAy 2009

Check out what Santa brought Gunner....

Jackson's favorite thing in his stocking was a laser pointer - he kept trying to get it in the pictures - sometimes he was successful!

I really love my apron!! Good thing is, I rarely have to wash it cause I don't use it a whole lot BUT - it sure looks cute hanging in the pantry!!! I keep forgetting to use it on those rare baking occasions - but I really do love it!

Aubrey's funny - she likes to open her gifts with her eyes closed until it's all unwrapped!

Think she likes her new CDs?

My music lover's real reaction!

A "real" football was on Jack's list this year!

Chip was very creative - he framed one of the bells from Santa's real sleigh that he gave our family the first year we lived in Idaho! That was a special Christmas we will never forget, and especially now with this thoughtful gift!

I too had fun thinking of a fun gift for Chip. Ever since I first knew him, he talked about this record album that he grew up with. He knows the songs and talks about them a lot! He has fond memories of listening to this record as a child and has kept it for years! I had it made into a CD for his gift. I done good :)

Oh, how I love Christmas Day!!!!!!!

Christmas Eve 2009

It's all the fun little traditions that make it all so GREAT!!!!!!

A nice dinner....
New jams......
Twas the night before Christmas....
Cookies for Santa...
And a slumber party!!!
I can't help but wonder how long it will all last - our youngest is already EIGHT!!! That's why try to enjoy every minute while the magic is still lingering.... just barely.... but still there!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More December Stuff!

Wanted so share some more December fun before the Christmas post and so I can finally move on to 2010!! Some things to share....

Hannah's special Winter Light Luncheon at school...

Sledding trips with good friends....

Taylor and Aubrey's Christmas Concert...

And the annual Epilepsy Christmas Party for Hannah. This year we got to go on a fun limo ride!

Trying to catch up - not easy, I tell ya!