Friday, April 16, 2010

ChRiStMaS dAy 2009

Check out what Santa brought Gunner....

Jackson's favorite thing in his stocking was a laser pointer - he kept trying to get it in the pictures - sometimes he was successful!

I really love my apron!! Good thing is, I rarely have to wash it cause I don't use it a whole lot BUT - it sure looks cute hanging in the pantry!!! I keep forgetting to use it on those rare baking occasions - but I really do love it!

Aubrey's funny - she likes to open her gifts with her eyes closed until it's all unwrapped!

Think she likes her new CDs?

My music lover's real reaction!

A "real" football was on Jack's list this year!

Chip was very creative - he framed one of the bells from Santa's real sleigh that he gave our family the first year we lived in Idaho! That was a special Christmas we will never forget, and especially now with this thoughtful gift!

I too had fun thinking of a fun gift for Chip. Ever since I first knew him, he talked about this record album that he grew up with. He knows the songs and talks about them a lot! He has fond memories of listening to this record as a child and has kept it for years! I had it made into a CD for his gift. I done good :)

Oh, how I love Christmas Day!!!!!!!


Sweetest Of All said...

aahhh. feeling all christmassy

The Ball Babies said...

Wow, these are all great pictures that truly captured your cute family at Christmas! Loved Taylor's face when she opened her gift! Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a nice Christmas, Love to see their expressions on their face. That is probably my favorite part of opening the look on faces. Tell Chip I remember that album. So funny I was just telling Moe about that album a few weeks ago.
I remember playing it in the living room and me, Chip and Carrie would take turns lip syncing different songs. Chips fave at the time I THINK was Donna and Lonely Teardrops. Thanks for sharing LOVE your blog.