Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Fun Summer Surprise

It's been almost four years since we have seen Chip's brother, Rob. Since Jack was only two when we left California, he couldn't even remember who Uncle Rob was! So, when we got a surprise phone call from him saying he wanted to come and visit, we were very excited!
I loved watching him and the kids get to know each other all over again. We all really had a wonderful time. Thank you Rob, for coming to Boise! Actually, Rob helped me realize just why I love Boise as much as I do. Within 10 minutes, we can be at the beautiful river that flows through Boise, we can be on amazing hikes throughout the foothills that make such a pretty view everywhere you go, we can be at a huge lake surrounded by trees and mountains, or at one of several beautiful parks we have here to enjoy. I don't think I knew how much I truly love living here until I saw it through Rob's eyes. I'm so glad I did!
And who knows.... in hearing how much he loved it here, the next time he comes he just might bring his wonderful wife and son....... for good!! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

All In Two Day's Work

One thing I have always been quite sure of...

I... DON'T... WANT... A... DOG. Period. Especially now! My youngest is six - he can dress himself, get his own food, buckle his seat belt, clean up most of his messes, and bathe himself. As much as I have enjoyed every stage of childhood so far, finally, I can enjoy my children in a whole new light!

So, why in the heck would I now want to have a creature in my home that will need all of those things done for him?!?!

I don't know exactly how it happened, but these thoughts have slowly, s l o w l y been changing. I must be crazy to admit that even though I KNOW there is a ton of work involved, still I am starting to believe a dog just might be a wonderful addition to our family.

Did I really just say that?
Well, it certainly wasn't overnight that this has come to be.

It was long ago that it all started. We're talkin' years. As the kids have gotten older, their desire for a dog has gotten stronger. At first it was "no way, no how, end of discussion." They knew I was serious. But eventually, they wanted me to know just how serious they were too!

Chip was no help for me, because he would actually love to welcome a dog to the family also. A yellow lab, to be exact. The more they would talk about it, the more the kids wanted to do everything they could to make this happen. And, yes, the more Chip talked about it, the more it made me start to sway...

We had many dinner conversations about a maybe, perhaps, someday dog. It took many days, but even a name was agreed upon. During this time, there just happened to be some people selling 10 yellow lab puppies on a corner here in our neighborhood. Although the kids knew we were no where near ready for one... we made the mistake of giving in and stopping. All six of us held a puppy. Gosh, they were the cutest, sweetest things. The kids couldn't believe their eyes when I picked one up. I must admit, I enjoyed it, and they were absolutely adorable! Couldn't quite accept the dog hair all over my shirt though. That's one thing I don't look forward to one bit. We stayed for a while, and the kids all said goodbye to their favorite. You can only imagine what that did to the desires of the Schultz kids' hearts!!
They really got to work.

Having a 13 and 11 year old means they are going to be creative and sly. Recently, they asked me, "Mom, if we raised every single penny we would need for a puppy and everything that comes with one, then could we get one?" Just the fact that I paused for a moment to think about it sent them squealing in delight. They thought that was a pretty good sign. In fact, they ran with it. Before I knew it, the four of them had schemed quite the plan. All money was being saved, from babysitting, to the nickels in the couch cushions, and it was actually being very well managed. Soon, they had enough for the supplies for a lemonade stand. I gave them my reluctant approval, and the rest is history...

The kids worked the lemonade stand all day Friday and all day Saturday. It was hot. They realized it was a lot harder then they thought it would be. I would be lying if I said they didn't complain a little. But Chip and I were very proud to see how hard the kids were willing to work to make this a success.

And a success it was!

When people find out their two day total.... their jaws drop.


They are definitely on their way.

And I believe whenever this does happen,

"Gunner" will be very well loved! (by me too! sshhhhhh)