Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Cookies!

We love Aunt Beth for baking cookies for us to decorate!!


She was so prepared.... baked them on Sunday and froze them - so we could decorate them for Valentine's Day.

Sprinkles, twizzlers, candy hearts, m&m's, gummy hearts, and Beth's homemade icing guaranteed beautiful, creative, yummy and ...... interesting cookies!

Even our patience was abundant - Thank goodness! This is certainly not a good situation for short fuses.

(take notice of the new glasses!)
We missed Chip and Taylor who were at the youth activity at church.

Anela stayed happy and entertained with water while Fo'ou stayed happy eating what else but.. chicken ofcourse!!

Aaahhh.... clean counters again!


We had to hurry so we could watch American Idol ofcourse....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dance Camp!

The Timberline Highschool dance team recently hosted a really fun dance camp for elementary age children. For one week, they went to the highschool for one hour a day. There they learned a fun routine, which they performed during halftime at the Friday night boys varsity basketball game! Beth and I were gone on our Wicked trip that night, so the hubbies took care of it all!

The girls really had a lot of fun.

Thank goodness Uncle Fo'ou knows how to use a brush and a ponytail holder!
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