Friday, March 26, 2010

December Snow Days

One of the reasons why I love Boise - the perfect amount of snow, in my opinion. Enough to have fun in and play, but not too much to where it's miserable and keeps me stuck at home!

I love our seasons!! (But definitely ready for Spring!) :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Jack is EIGHT!!!

Really? Was it really this long ago?!
It really is hard to believe.

Our youngest - our baby boy was born eight years ago. Like it says on the couch... no freakin way!

If Jack could dream up the most perfect birthday in the world...... this is exactly how it would happen...

Starts out with the traditional birthday couch in the morning.

It was full of little gifts, and Jack's very favorite treats. This kit with a 2 liter bottle of soda was the COOLest gift from Aunt Kris and Uncle Rob! Jack and Chip launched it in the backyard. Highly recommended.

A great book from Grandma Schultz! Sure hope they bookmarked this page - must have been a good one! :) Jack didn't put the book down for days.

Chip had the perfect plan for Jack's birthday. He took him and his best buddies to the local air force base to talk to a fighter jet pilot and fly one themselves in a flight simulator!

"tough faces!"

Then back home for airplane cake and 8 rowdy boys. Wow - glad Chip had them for the majority of the party - But it was a blast!!!

Ended the day putting the lego airplane kit together from Gramma and Grampa Kossub.

Wow, our last big eighth birthday party - Whew!! Good job Chip - what a lucky boy Jack is!