Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorable Moments in May

We sure have been busy around here! I have so many posts in my mind I want to make, but with so much going on, it is too overwhelming. So, here are some pictures to show you bits and pieces of what we've been up to.

Aubrey had a great field trip to a Civil War reenactment - of course Chip went too and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Second grade animal diaramas - a sea snake and a caracle. (Had to research that one - never heard of it before!)

Chip has been visiting fifth grade classrooms and giving the students an awesome presentation about World War II, which they are all studying this year. For one part of it, he has 6 boys dress is his cammies and reenact the flag raising of Iwo-Jima. It makes quite an impact on them, and everyone watching.

Lots of fun bikerides, now that the weather is finally nice enough!

Taylor and her friends performed for a judge at the orchestra festival - they were great!

This one is at her solo festival! She sang a song in Italian - "Santa Lucia". The judge said it was rare that her voice was clear, and not breathy for a 7th grader - couldn't have been prouder!

Taylor decided to try out for volleyball! That deserves it's own post.... coming soon...

Baseball season is almost over already! Jack will never just "touch" home plate - he must slide!

Aubrey is first chair for violin in the 5th grade orchestra! She's following in her sister's footsteps - she loves it! Here she is tuning the orchestra before the concert started.

Hannah volunteered for a speaking part in her second grade music program. She memorized her part and said it with expression that only Hannah Schultz could. Simply adorable.

We took a family road trip with the Makaafi's to beautiful Cascade. That deserves it's own post too.. this is just a teaser.

Second graders get to do a wonderful unit called "Apple Valley" - they get to experience what school was like in a one room school house back in the 1800's. They get a new name, dress up, and everything. This is "Ruthy".

The Kindergartner's got to have lunch in the cafeteria to see what it will be like next year in first grade. Jack chose a hot dog, beans, salad, and applesauce. He had a great time with dad.

Time is just flying by. We are having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend that will be yet another seperate post! I'll need to find some computer time soon, I have lots to post! Only eight school days left. Unbelievable! Summer will be here before we know it.