Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Busiest Month Ever!!

I don't recall any month ever being more busy than May of 2007. Put it this way... I am a magazine-aholic. I often buy a magazine to read here and there when I get a moment. Usually I am done with it within two days and then I feel guilty for buying it. Well, I bought an issue of "US" 9 days ago - a good one cause it had my favorite celebrity gossip (the true kind) :) AND a section dedicated to celebrity weight loss! My favorite junk. I have enjoyed it immensely, but still haven't gotten to the "how they got their hot bodies" section - which is why I got it in the first place!! Pathetic. But I'm not sure what's more pathetic - the fact that I have zero time and am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, or the fact that I'm a celebrity/weight loss magazine-aholic! Oh well.
So, between sixth grade camp, a big Nadia Comaneci biography project, a Gyuana (the country - I didn't know either) project, end of the year orchestra and music programs, end of the year PTA crap (sorry, it slipped. I'm so glad it's over!), all the normal baseball, ballet, and gymnastics stuff, and then everything else that comes up...... it's just been a whirlwind! So, with so much to post about... maybe for now I'll just find an old, classic picture to share. Ah... here we go. A picture with my sisters is always a feel good picture. Ellen (the clutz who broke her foot while either putting on or taking off her shoe), myself (very preggo with Jack), Kelley (on her way to a school dance), Jody, and Beth (preggo with Eden). It's fun to throw in an old picture every once in a while! Love my sistahs!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

RACE FOR THE CURE - My first 5k!

For years, Chip has been trying to get me to enter a 5k. Walk - run - he didn't care. I have proudly cheered him on in several 5k's, half marathons, and even three marathons! He just loves the environment, the people, and how it makes him feel. Although the desire has always been there, I just never DID it - you know, that's how it is with lots of things, right? Well, I guess he was tired of waiting, cause he went ahead and signed me up and told me he hoped I was ready to participate a 5k in a couple of weeks! I don't think he'll ever know how much I appreciate that, cause I already can't wait for the next one! But next time, I'll be up with the runners, instead of with the walkers in the back.

Here I am, waiting for my ride with my banana smoothie! I was excited, and for some reason a bit nervous too, even though it was no longer than I walk every day. Although I was with the walkers, I ran as much as I could - it was hard! I was glad when I was running and I would come to a crowd that was impossible to get through, cause I had to stop running and walk till I could find another gap to run again!

The kids surprised me with signs they had made for me to see when I passed. They said things like "Mom, you rock" and "Keep on Going" and "Go mom, Go!" Ofcourse I got emotional when I saw them. Chip was my biggest supporter and called me several times on the course to see how I was doing, and to tell me that he was proud of me!

What a great feeling to be there with 13,000 other people, all there uniting for the same cause, and all with someone in mind who has suffered from, or who is suffering with breast cancer.
Everyone wore a pink paper on their backs that said either "In memory of" or "In celebration of" with the names of people they were racing for. My friend, who I went with, ran for a close friend who just passed away 2 months ago from breast cancer. She was only 35 and left behind her husband and young son. So, on my back, I had her name, and Granny, who I remember saying goodbye to in the hospital when I was 8 years old. She too had breast cancer.
It was a wonderful day. I will be participating every year!

What an amazing experience that I wish I had a long time ago. But here's to new goals, and many more 5k's, and who knows what else in the future! Thank you Chip!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our weekend with Gramma Kossub

Had a wonderful visit with Gramma Kossub and Austen this past weekend! Although being so far away is tough, visits like these help make it all worth it. They are so anticipated and so much fun! The kids (and me) counted down the days to see them and spend time together. I am so grateful that mom makes sure 6 months don't pass without a visit!

It takes oodles (a Gramma term) of patience to spell out names with clay and strips of paper... Gramma had plenty of it! Hannah and Jack thought that was super fun!

Gramma read from one of her favorite childhood books
"Ramona the Pest"to Hannah.
Hannah now wants to make reading Ramona books a tradition when Gramma visits.

We enjoyed some nice, peaceful time at the beautiful Veteran's Cemetery here in Boise.

Just slightly windy that day...

Me and my Mama!

Hannah and "Old Glory"

It was a delightful weekend!

(pretty proud of this parting shot!)