Saturday, October 9, 2010

Karsten Visit!

You know that friend... that one friend you had that you could be yourself with and she would only love you more for it? You know... the one who you have never laughed harder with.... or been sillier with? The one you will never lose touch with and will always be in your heart? This is mine. We played Bobby Sox softball together and knew each other in Jr High, but it wasn't until our Jr. year of high school that we realized we were a perfect fit.

We hung out every chance we could. We had wet sock fights and danced at midnight in the street. We sang together, we ate through our triumphs and tribulations together, we answered each other's 3am phone calls.
After high school, we took very different routes. I wanted to soon get married to my high school sweetheart. She wanted to play, and go to school... for 10 loooong years! Our high school years will always be among the best of times. I learned a lot from Karen. I had SO MUCH FUN with Karen. I will cherish those years as long as I live.
I continue to learn from Karen, and love her.
What a wonderful weekend we recently had together. To have our children together, and seeing what we have become over the years was truly priceless. We swam, played downtown, sang around the piano, took fun walks, baked, danced, and just laughed. My favorite part was seeing what a fun mom Karen is. She wrestled with her kids, danced with them, and spit water back in their face when they spit on her first! I loved it!
It was quite surreal when we gathered around the piano and sang with my daughters, the same songs that Karen and I would sing together 20 years ago. I really took in the moment.
Karen is a master in the kitchen!! She took random ingredients and made masterpieces! She spoiled us all terribly.
She even plucked my eyebrows... just like the good ol' times!
Love this girl and her wonderful family!

I tried so hard to get these two to take a nice picture together.. they never did cooperate!

Karen's youngest, Bethany, took a liking to each of the Schultz kids. It was so cute!

I think there were some other "special likings" going on too! Karen's oldest, Cadence, and my youngest, Jackson.

We introduced the fam to Blue Cow frozen yogurt. They approved.

The whole wonderful Karsten family!

Karen's very own S'more pops! The girls had a blast with her!

Here they are.. all together. Who knew?!

Thank you Karsten family! We had such a fantastic time with you all.. can't wait till next time!