Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jack's Hobby

"Mom, can you please find something that I can take apart with tools?"

I gave him his mini skateboard that he never rides anymore because he has a bigger one now...

"Thanks Mom! That was awesome!! Anything else?"

First Day of School 2009

I am in denial that my youngest is already in the second grade.. but what is a lot more difficult to swallow is that my oldest is a FRESHMAN!!!!! Wow, wow, wow.

Chip always takes the first day of school off of work and walks the kids to school. So far, they all love it - Chip asked the older girls if it is embarrassing to them - "not at all" was their answer - whew! Sure hope that lasts and lasts!

Jackson 2nd grade
Hannah 4th grade
"Bye Dad!"

Aubrey 7th grade

Perfectly matching toes was a must for Aubs.

Okay, this got a little embarrassing I think.... "keep the camera in your pocket, dad!!"

Taylor 9th grade

6:30 a.m. seminary class - she LOVES it!!
School has been in for about 5 weeks and and is off to a great start. We are so grateful for awesome schools here. (And I am especially grateful that they are in walking distance! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Schultz's First Football Season - EVER!

We have discovered how much fun FOOTBALL season is around here! Football is HUGE here in Boise!

This is Jack's first year of flag football - he will play one more year of flag... then onto tackle! (Dang, that scares me!) At his very first game, two ambulances came and went, both with little boys inside with broken bones! *big sigh*
There couldn't have been a more exciting moment during his first game. He was playing defensive end. It was during the last quarter... the game was getting long as it was very hot outside. But suddenly, I looked up to watch the next play and just then, Jackson caught an interception and immediately ran it down the field for a touchdown!!!!!! I had to ask myself if that really just happened! The crowd loved it - it was awesome!!
After the big celebration, Chip and I caught each other's eye from across the field where he was with the boys.... I could be wrong.... but I don't think I was the only one who needed a kleenex! :) Jack was presented the game ball after the game. I don't think it could have been anymore exciting! What a fantastic way to start our first year of football!

Jack with his cousin, Ilai...

too tough to smile!

Chip finds pure joy in coaching his own kids. He is learning the game right along with the boys and having a blast! He has them in perfect sync during warm-ups and cheering for their teammates and the other teams as well. He does well with teaching respect and discipline and the boys think he's pretty great!

Jack is all about football right now... "NOW how many minutes till practice, mom?"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bAbY eLeNi iS hEre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler and Kelley gave me permission to treat all the Grammas, Grampas, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends, and adore-ers of Eleni with these pictures so they didn't have to wait any longer to see her! Enjoy!

My first peek at Eleni through the window while Kelley was in recovery. I just cried. She's beautiful!
Eleni getting her footprints. This is when I got to hear her voice, you can't tell here, but she did not like it one bit!
Eleni's first visitors... Patrick and Shayla
A wonderful moment for me!
Beautiful, happy, relieved Mama

The Messina Family.... congratulations!!

Welcome sweet baby girl!