Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

They say it's been atleast 10 years since Boise has seen a white Christmas... we are crossing all fingers and toes that it stays!

cause it is just way too fun...

(I love to look at it... they love to play in it)

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


What an exciting morning we had last week! A couple of days before Thanksgiving, I heard squeals around 6:00am. It sounded no different than Christmas morning. The best part, was the biggest squealer was my brother in law - Fo'ou! He went in and woke up his kids - ran across the street (barefoot) - and put the kids new snow boots on so they could do it too! Better yet, he peeked out at 3:00am - no snow. To wake up to a beautiful white world three hours later was perfect!
Everyone had been talking about when it might snow - Ilai and Eden were ready in September!

That fresh top layer of snow tastes so good!

Beth took a quick driving lesson around the block offered by Chip - she was a little nervous.

What a fun walk to school the kids had together - testing out their boots and throwing snowballs along the way...

Anela is scared of the snow.... won't touch it, walk on it, nothin! She as adopted Hannah's hat that Gramma made though - she loves it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Buried in Leaves

There's just not anything more fun I can think of for the kids to do while they wait for the others to get home from school...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Halloween 2007

I love how the memories and feelings all come back on Halloween night as we experience it again with our children.

It was a very fun year indeed!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thank Goodness for Ellen!

ELLEN!! Check it out - finally, you are getting your very own post!

My sister, Ellen, flew to Boise to take the road trip with the kids and me to California. She was so excited to possibly be part of "the blog" but unfortunately, our camera was with Chip, so I couldn't take any pictures of our fun trip. I did snag the Makaafi's camera and got this picture though, just minutes before we left.

I don't know what I would have done without Ellen with me. She brought all of her patience with her, and calmly took care of all of the following while I drove...

"Can we have a drink out of the cooler?"

"I dropped my crayon."

"Why is the police man flashing his lights behind us?"

"How many more seconds (not hours) till we get to California?" (Ellen even did the math!)

"When is it my turn with Ellen's Ipod?"

"I have to pee..... again" (that was me)

"I lost my shoe, again!"

"The dvd player keeps falling!"

"Can you pass back a snack?"

"Let's sing another camp song!"

"NOW how many more seconds?"

"Shoot, which on-ramp is it?" (me, again.)

The biggest life saver for me, was that Ellen bought two pair of headphones for the portable DVD player for the trip! I am still thanking you for that one, Ell!

Ellen is awesome! She brought all of her "homemade" Cds and we totally rocked out. (She has great taste in music!)

I know that if Ellen heard the word, "mom" one more time, she would have put her head through her window. Thank you for dealing so well with it Ellen, so I didn't have to put my head through mine!

We love you Aunt Ellen!

Time Well Spent

Besides getting Chip back, catching up with loved ones really summed up our trip. We met 3 new nephews/cousins, and spent cherished time with family and friends.

Some of our wonderful California friends.....

who are missed very much....

some of them unfortunately, we weren't able to see.

And one more nephew I haven't introduced that we couldn't wait to meet...

Ethan - Eric and Leanna's little one!

Isn't he cute?!

I wish we had gotten more pictures of everyone hanging out at Mom's house!

We had a great visit and a yummy lunch with Gramps and Grammy, I always enjoy walking through Vicky's garden. And of course Rocky and Beau are always a hit!

Oh, and who knew that mom's Student ID card maker at school would be such a big hit?! The kids think their own ID cards are SO cool! She even made a second one for Aubrey because Aubrey thought hair didn't look quite right in the first one. Thanks, Gramma!

We couldn't get enough of Ryan, Beck, and Ethan - all born within just 3 weeks of each other!

What a fun time we had in CA. It was the first time we had been back in 3 years! It was so strange to drive around and visit where I had lived for 30 years! Although it was fun to see all the familiar sights and ooh and aah at the kid's old school and good ol' Katella High where Chip and I fell in love, and our home(s) - etc., it's oddly comforting to say that it just didn't feel like home anymore. Soon after moving to Idaho, I worried about when I went back to CA to visit because I was afraid I would feel homesick and miss it too much. I know our family belongs where we are, because while I was having fun visitng there, I DID yearn for home, but it was our home now, right here is Boise.

And to finalize,

a super slobbery kiss from Beck...

and Ethan's final thoughts...