Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our August

Okay, I know, it's been way way too long. Here is an update of August! (well, most of it anyway)

Girl's camp.... Taylor's first year - tons of fun! Zero sleep, rag curls, wonderful spiritual moments, and my personal favorite, (for real!) - camp songs!!

A genuine welcome home hug - not even posed for the camera!

The O.M.E.H. garage sale! With lots of help from some wonderful friends, it was a great success! Chip raised about $500 to go toward his bike and people also donated separately to help out with the trip. There are some great new posts on Chip's blog including a picture of his bike and also a post explaining the significance of his American Flag he will be riding with. It is quite inspiring - Take a look

We got to see Grampa Kossub for the first time in almost three years. What a fun treat that was for us! He drove the Makaafi's moving van here to Boise for them.

Speaking of the Makaafi's - HOORAY!! They are here and everything is going wonderfully! We love them so very much.

Fo'ou brought something that is new to the Schultz's - X Box!! It's always great to see the change in behavior when the evil threat is given, "No X box tomorrow!" And suddenly I don't have kids begging to pick up a gallon of milk at the store with me... that's okay, I welcome the break sometimes! Sure is great to have though when you need to hear yourself think for a while (as long as that ridiculous racing game music is muted!)

Our great friends, the Springers, were driving through Boise on a road trip and spent an evening with us for a barbecue. - What a wonderful evening! It was so great to laugh at old memories and introduce each other to new children!

Chip made a new friend for life...

Chip and Fo'ou spent a lot of time and effort mounting Chip's flag onto his trailer. They knew it had to fly tall and strong for 7 weeks of riding, so it was no easy task! After several attempts, and trips to Home Depot, they did it!!

Chip's trial ride with the flag...

I can't believe how soon Chip leaves! I am scared, anxious, nervous, and excited. But most of all, I am one proud wife. Chip is confident and motivated. He believes in his cause with all of his heart, and will do everything in his power to make it a wonderful success. I know he will! He is using his life to touch the lives of others. He is my hero.


Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyyyy. And I must say...FINALLY. Sheesh, I was beginning to feel like a stalker, checking your blog almost DAILY for updates. And check it out, I'm the very first one to comment. Pretty impressive, huh?
Okay, enough about me (but first, what do YOU think of me?)...but seriously it was really good to hear and see the updates. Taylor looks so grown up. Sounds like you guys have been very very busy. Everybody looks good. Take care and K.I.T.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Carrie, I'm glad to see an update and everyone does look great. I see on the map of Chip's route that it looks as though he'll be near, or maybe even passing through, northeast Ohio. If that's the case, I'm jealous! Wish I lived up there so I could see him as he passes through!! Be safe, Chip. Don't worry Tracy and children he'll be in our prayers and many others, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

The family looks good! Look so forward to seeing you all in October. Am excited and worried for Chip too. He will (as will you guys) be in lots of people's prayers and thoughts. We're proud and I'm in awe of the things he does.
Lots of love,
Mom Kossub

Anonymous said...

So, Tracy...are you guys ALL coming here in October? I was thinking about that today and wondering if you guys would be coming out to Cali. to see Chip finish in H.B. and by the looks of your mom's post it looks like you are??? Details please.

Aracely said...

Looks Like you had a great August. Love the updates and I can't believe you have a daughter that went to Girls Camp!!
Taylor is a beauty!!!

Aracely said...

Looks Like you had a great August. Love the updates and I can't believe you have a daughter that went to Girls Camp!!
Taylor is a beauty!!!

Holly said...

Ah the memories of girls camp. I never had the rag curls, but instead super cool teeny braids. Remember that? We were the coolest ward that year. How fun to see Misty too! Don't you just love the Gundersens? And I can't believe what a little clone Taylor is of you Tracy! It's uncanny!!

Katie said...

I certainly hope that Chip plans to ride that bike down to Anaheim to come visit the homeland! We sure do miss your family! I can't believe your daughter is old enough to go to girls camp!