Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still in awe...

after all these years! That's because more reasons keep popping up! I knew when I married him that he was a passionate person. But I had no idea just how much, and just what he'd make of that passion.

I love when he speaks to audiences. For a minute, I am so wrapped up in his message, that I forget that he is my husband! Then, when I realize I am married to the man captivating the audience, I swell with pride.

My favorite of all his presentations, is when he speaks about the famous Iwo Jima photograph. He explains in detail, each man in that picture. Where they are from, a little about their childhood, and about their lives after the photo was taken. He talks to the children about what it means to be a hero.

Then, he has six boys come up, "swear in", dress in his own uniforms, and portray the men in the picture. One by one, they take their place by the flag as Chip talks about who they are.

You can always hear a pin drop. After the presentation, I always want to stand a little closer to him so people know he is my husband. :)

I love this man. I don't care that he doesn't know where to find the spark plugs or how to change the oil. I love him for who he is today.
He touches people's lives.
He is my hero.


Susie said...

Chip IS a talented speaker! How sweet of you to dedicate a post to him!

Grahangela said...

Chip is really such a great speaker and motivator. I remember being captivated by his talks and speeches. My family and I miss his patriotic programs! Glad to see Boise is benefiting!

Promotional Pens said...

Was just passing through and noticed your picture... I thought one of you was running for public office! You have a Fun Blog!

Tanvir Rubel said...

this really good for a family..really its awesome!! doing it

Sahariar said...

he is perfect for you and you are perfect for him. he is a great speaker. you are very lucky.

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