Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2010 Halloween Festivities

Perhaps I am a little behind.... but it's better than nothing?

Anyway.... this last Halloween, nobody could decide what to be for Halloween! I told them they had to be creative by coming up with a costume that didn't cost a dime. They did well!

Can you see what Hannah came up with for the church party? Underwear!! Get it? Under... "where"? A funny girl she is! Some people got it and laughed... but she hated explaining it to most people.. who didn't get it.

Taylor and her friend Shelby rummaged through their costume boxes and came up with this...

Aubrey made a cute dalmatian!

Jack got creative too! I love this one..... there aren't many people who can say they are literally - "Jack in the box."
Halloween festivities at school are always fun! I love having Anela with me - it's fun for her too. She got to eat lunch with Hannah and her best friend.

For part of Jackson's party, they square danced. I LOVE the look on his face right here when he had to hold a girl's hand!

I'm pretty sure the kid on the right won...

Anela got to make her own pumpkin. I love that the teachers always include her!

For Halloween night.. Hannah decided the weird looks and having to explain herself all night wasn't worth her underwear costume. And Jackson's box was too awkward and wouldn't be easy to run from house to house. So they also rummaged the costume box for trick or treating. When people asked Jackson what he was, he said, "confused!"

The girls went to a church dance. Aubrey as the always good last minute hippy costume, and Taylor as Wendy from Peter Pan. Funny thing was... there was a boy there dressed as Peter Pan! They even danced together! Taylor had to literally be pushed onto the dance floor to do it - super funny.

The year of creative costumes was one of my favorites! Not only because it didn't cost anything, but the kids really had fun coming up with ideas. Whew.

Even Gunner joined the fun!

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Faye said...

Home made costumes are the best! In addition to getting the creative juices flowing, there are always the fun memories, too.