Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Big One-One

Aubrey gets to celebrate her birthday with the first day of Spring. She loves it! It's perfect for her, as her personality seems to bring the sunshine anyway.

The birthday couch never disappoints - it's so much fun to lay in bed and hear the crinkling of her favorite treats being placed on the couch ever so carefully to make it such a fun surprise in the morning!

The body pillow was the "biggie" on the couch this year - it was covered with favorites like hot Cheetos, Funions, beef jerky, and dark chocolate!

Her cake couldn't cool fast enough for her to decorate herself!

Aubrey is so lucky to have three wonderful friends who all have so much fun together! The night of her birthday, they had a blast at the Round Table buffet, and ice skating. The Zamboni driver got word that it was Aubrey's birthday so he invited her to ride it with him for everyone to see! She did the "princess wave" every time she passed with a smile from ear to ear. That was the highlight of a wonderful eleventh birthday.

Aubrey keeps all of our abs strong by making us laugh all the time. She is fun and playful and a joy to be around. She is a fantastic sister and shows lots of love for her family.

We love you Aubrey!


Anonymous said...

What a great birthday. Certainly do miss being a direct part of them, especially now that everyone is getting older. And yes, it is very fitting that Aubrey's birthday brings spring. (Spring??? What's with all the hoods and warm coats. Looks like it is still a bit nippy!)
Love, Mom
(Tried Ellen's suggestion so I didn't have to be anonymous again - didn't seem to work. Will get it eventually!)

Holly said...

I love your traditions Tracy! You need to share more about the birthday couch, sounds so fun!

Columbia Village Gropps said...

I am stealing your birthday couch tradition...what a great idea! My kids will love it, I'm sure. Can't wait, Parker's birthday is April 6th. This will be so fun! Thanks!

ellendy bellendy said...

Happy Birthday, Aubrey! What a fun birthday! We miss you guys!!

Sydney said...

Birthday couch?? What a GREAT idea! I would have loved that growing up and it would still excite me at my ripe old age!

We may have to try that one!

Libby said...

Another one here who loves the birthday couch idea! Can I steal it from you Tracy??

Tracy said...

Ofcourse Libby!! EVERYONE do it - it is really the BEST!!!