Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Awesome Fantastic Blackfoot Trip!

These wonderful people aren't related to me.

But they are related to a favorite family of ours....

The Millington's invited our family to spend the weekend with them where they grew up; Blackfoot, and Ashton, ID. I can't even begin to explain just how wonderful it was.

I am a country girl at heart for sure. I was so happy, the whole time. The pictures (in no particular order) don't do it justice.
Tons and tons of open space for the boys to shoot guns. (I'm not a bad shot myself!)

Hannah loves Larry. :)

Up in the tree house that has been there for years and years. Built by Gayla's dad of course!

Love this lady.

The two most talented on the trampoline was Miss Aubrey...

and Miss Gayla!! Check out the form!!!

Another fun device built by Gayla's dad!

A real working outhouse in the backyard! How cool is that?!?

Lance and Gayla reminiscing...

Homemade cinnamon rolls from Gayla's mom. Simply divine!!

Aubrey had the best hiding place during flashlight tag! That night was the best!

Chip having fun with photography...

Dutch oven cooking!

Wow. Just wow!

Gayla and her mama!

I got to go ATV riding!! (Is that what it's called?!) It was awesome!

This is the front yard of the house Gayla grew up in.

Some of Grampa's old tools... why do I love that so much?!

The barn at their house. Love it!

At the fair in Blackfoot. Oh yes, we did it all!!

To me, I experienced in this weekend what I would consider to be the most wonderful way of life. The feelings, the atmosphere, the openness, the beauty, the simplicity - it's all part of what made this experience like no other for me. But I also believe that had I grown up in it, I wouldn't have the same appreciation. I enjoyed my childhood. I didn't know anything different and have great memories - It was a wonderful childhood! But now that I see places like this, and listen to all the stories about growing up here, it's what I consider to be the most... I don't know - American? Traditional? Whatever it is, I absolutely loved it. And I will always remember how I felt, and how much fun we had. Thank you to the Millington's. I will never forget it! None of us will.


Susie said...

So beautiful! And how dare you post such wonderful pics of summer in the dead of winter! I can't wait another 4 months!

Anonymous said...

Blackfoot sounded really nice. Your mom and I had an aunt and uncle that lived there. They were Marion and Al Winterholler.
She was Granny's next oldest sister. Aunt Marion passed away more than 10 years ago, and I am sure that Uncle Al has passed on as vwell. We may have some cousins still there though... dunno.


annaica said...

Hi I was just blog hopping but wanted to say you are a fantastic photographer and have a beautiful family and are very fortunate to experience what you do. I hope someday to make it out west and see what all there is to see. Keep taking pictures- you are very talented!

Isha Sharma said...

really beautiful!!