Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End of Another School Year

Hannah's Wagon's Ho day at Trail Wind...
Aubrey's last volleyball game...
Taylor's final choir concert at Les Bois...

Jack's chameleon project and Apple Valley days the last week of school...

It was a fantastic school year for all!

She made her own butter at Wagon's Ho!

Chip was the branding man!

Hannah got to team up with her awesome teacher!

Aubrey truly found a new love this year!

An apple for the teacher for Apple Valley days...

Chip loves to give presentations to 5th grade classrooms on World War II. They are always fantastic. He took this gentleman with him this time, who is a WWII veteran. We are losing these heroes very quickly!
Chip takes his uniforms and has the kids re-enact Iwo Jima. He teaches the children all about the six men first. This is always my favorite part!

This chameleon's tongue is made with a straw and bubblegum chewed by Jack!

After 33 years of teaching, Mr Newburn is retiring. I'm so glad Taylor had the opportunity to learn from him and be there for his last year.

Looking forward to a wonderful summer!

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Faye said...

It was a good year, wasn't it! All the kids are branching out and finding out what they love. As Martha would say, "That's a good thing".