Monday, January 14, 2008


Have you ever played this game?

Each square has a different face on it - with an m&m (my personal fave) on top. One person leaves the room and the others secretly choose one of the squares. The person then comes in and begins eating the candies, one by one. If they pick up the one on the chosen square, everyone yells, "Don't eat Pete!" It's fun to see how many you get to eat! This is always a favorite with the kids. It's super easy and you always have everything you need (since you can always use cereal - just not nearly as fun as m&ms or skittles.)

We had lots of fun playing this on New Years Eve with the Roberts and Makaafi's. Kendall cried every time everyone yelled "DON'T EAT PETE!!" because it was just too loud. We tried to have the kids "yell" quietly - but everyone just got way too excited when the secret square was chosen! Poor Kendall.


Holly said...

that sounds like such a fun game! and poor kendall!

and i just saw the no tennis shoes at church (even though i've read your sidebar before). it is especially bad on boys that pass the sacrament!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it wasn't the noise afterall. Maybe Kendall was just afraid that "Pete" would take it personally if she were to eat him! Or worse yet, that "Pete" would somehow get even with her. You know how sometimes kids get the funniest ideas. If only we could get into their heads to reassure them.

Nisa said...

thanks, put in more good ideas for family games. I always need a little help. Tracy I miss you so much. What if I never see you again. I can't stand the thought. Who is going to tell you how hot you are - well other than your hubby. Tell him to whallup you on the behind ever so often so that you remember me!

Jody said...

Scott is asking me what is so funny as I remember that about Kendall. I totally forgot! And Mom, those were good ideas but she was sitting on my lap and I felt her jump out of her body everytime someone ate Pete. She just didn't know when everyone was going to yell and cried everytime they did!

So funny as I look back! Thanks for the memories!